I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.
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"go get a job"

i’m a full time stay at home blogger excuse yourself

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When Teachers have the last laugh

When I was a sophomore, my honors chemistry teacher stapled a mcdonalds app to a kid in my class’ test 😂

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What You Crave vs What You Need

Chocolate: Raw nuts/seeds.
Oily/Fatty Snacks: Kale, leafy greens.
Soda/Carbonated Drinks: Actual, literal bubbles.
Chips/Salty Food: Topsoil.
Cookies: Freudian psychology.
Sweet Tea: A strong Southern gentleman to take care of you.
Pasta/Carbs: Pasta/Carbs.
Ice: The sweet release of death.


I don’t get how babies can cry at restaurants lol like nigga why you cryin there’s food around you rejoice

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Me in the party: Gosh golly! This beat is… Whoo! This beat is… DANDY!

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are you sure?

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I don’t care that I am a full grown human my parents should still carry me in from the car when I pretend to be asleep

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Top 10 sexual positions. Either tried or want to try.

Man I don’t even know the names of 10 different positions. I have a few in mind but I don’t know the names

At the time of this family meeting, 2,000 rupees was 36 dollars.

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